Bart the Buffalo

In hindsight, it’s probably one of the funnier stories of our careers but at the time it was anything but and nearly cost us our jobs.

Part of the attraction of moving to Wood Buffalo National Park in the late 1980’s was the opportunity to work in the largest, intact wolf-bison ecosystem remaining on the planet, although at the time, this amazing ecosystem was under threat from both external and internal pressures that were converging on a plan to slaughter the park’s bison population and replace it with so-called “pure” wood bison.

But the plan was to run afoul of park staff, local First Nations and the Canadian public and backfired in spectacular fashion.

To make a long story short (and to avoid incriminating people), CBC‘s Double Exposure took up our cause with a satirical piece entitled Bart the Buffalo.

Here it is for your listening pleasure.

Helpful Hint: If the audio file doesn’t show up on your screen it’s time to update your browser!

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